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SIBLA provides a platform focused on bridging the gap between students and organisations, thus bringing them closer together through our easy-to-use and unique functionality. Think of us as “An educational dating service” We'll match you up...


SIBLA's vision is to create a platform that exposes and profiles the needs of organisational offerings against the potential of students wanting to enter institutions of higher learning and employment opportunities

The SIBLA System has two processes within its platform:

Student Process: (Bursary profiling)

A candidate must complete the application form and through our electronic filtering process, will be matched against the criteria of bursaries within our database. It is critical that the candidate takes the time and effort to complete the online profile in its entirety as this information forms the basis on which the system will profile the candidate against the relevant a particular organisations criteria. Success is in the detail. The system will then issue a match report of all the opportunities the candidate is eligible to apply for based on the relevant search criteria. The applicant database will be maintained in order to provide organisations access to applicants who match their organisational profiles. Your profile is a living document that needs to be updated and amended as and when changes to your profile become relevant as the system is continually profiling your application against new and current opportunities.

Organisational Process: (Candidate profiling)

Selecting the best candidate for your organisational offering is of paramount concern to both the organisation and the prospective candidate. This being said we at SIBLA have automated this process on your behalf to ensure a seamless and completely transparent transition from marketing, acquisition, and profiling through to the presentation of quality, matched and vetted candidates. Bursary advertisements usually attract large numbers of applications, with a small percentage of these actually meeting the set criteria. The SIBLA System guarantees that only those candidates that have met the required criteria and whose profile scores are best suited to your offering will be short listed for the interview stage of your process.


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We can help you achieve your goals and unlock your future.Through the registration process the SIBLA System will profile, collate, and present your qualifications, interests and experience against a national database of organisational bursaries and offerings. Your applications are therefore guaranteed to be exposed and profiled against those opportunities that are relevant to you.

Register with us and receive the following benefits:

  • Search a large database of current bursaries, offerings and opportunities.
  • As a registered member you stand a chance of being sponsored by an organisation.
  • Receive a report matching opportunities based on your particular search criteria.
  • Ongoing profiling of your application against new opportunities.
  • The opportunity of creating a comprehensive online profile that works for you - 24 hours a day.
  • The guarantee that your profile is being matched against current opportunities at all times and is not being overlooked or misplaced.


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There is no doubt that from an organisation prospective that the task of marketing, sourcing, profiling, and evaluating prospective learners or applicants for your bursary, internship, grant, learnership, and / or apprenticeship program or position is a time consuming and tedious exercise. With this in mind we at Sibla have invested a massive amount of time and resources in creating a unique, state of the art, world class platform that facilitates this process on your behalf. We have identified that primarily, the current system of acquiring learners is to all intents and purposes, antiquated. The Sibla system has revolutionised this process by delivering the right candidate to your organisation at a fraction of the cost. Traditional marketing is extremely costly and attracts a large amount of applicants that have in most cases unfortunately not met the desired criteria. The timed saved by using the Sibla system allows the Organisation to focus more on evaluating and selecting the best candidate from the Sibla shortlist based on actual and real profiling at the interview stage.

  • Search a large database of candidates according to their profile.
  • Filter candidates specifically to your need (i.e. your criteria).
  • Our scoring mechanism assists in finding the precise match.
  • Achieve significant cost and time savings with respect to your advertising, sourcing, profiling and processing of applicants.